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A Childhood Fantasy Made Reality

Remember those 80’s wings, those stellar shoulder pads, 90’s penny loafers and neon windbreakers? Our world is stimulated by cyclical fashion trends. So what’s out ... More

September Sapphires

So, what makes sapphires so unique? Sure, they remain a symbol of nobility and faith, but the sapphire’s ability to act as a badge of ... More

Lime green,reds and oranges for the month of August!

  As summer heats up, Leos and Virgos celebrate their birthdays with an olive green stone known as the Peridot.     The birthstone that is believed to reduce ... More

The Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

The wonderful thing about the color Radiant Orchid is the variety of color tones that work with it. Yellow gold, white gold or platinum, rose ... More


Complimenting the cool-warmth of early spring, the sky-blue hues of Aquamarine soothe the temper, offering calm and peaceful tranquility. This March birthstone is thought to ... More

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