Lab Grown Diamonds

Curious about Lab Grown Diamonds? While not a new invention, they have gained popularity in recent years because of the rapid speed by which they have been able to be mass produced. At Colonial Jewelers, we are committed to our 75 year tradition of helping area customers find the perfect Diamond for them. If a Lab grown Diamond is the right choice for you- we are here to offer you the same Colonial Jewelers experience that you can expect with any purchase from our store. As with every purchase, we feel it’s always good to have all the facts to help you decide what is right for you.

Lab grown (Synthetic) Diamonds are produced in a factory setting and are chemically the same as Natural, Earth formed Diamonds. One of the most amazing things about Natural, Earth formed Diamonds is that all Natural Diamonds we currently have (or will ever have) were formed millions of years ago by incredible natural occurrences that produced enough pressure to turn carbon into the amazingly beautiful Diamond. Diamonds have been considered the King of all Gems for thousands of years because of the sheer miracle of nature that caused them to occur. Earth formed, Natural Diamonds are still being found in a few select places in the world but there will be no more naturally made. This ensures that Natural Diamonds will always be rare.

The mining and production of Natural Diamonds is an extremely important part of the livelihood of many, many people in developing countries around the world. Diamond mining provides stable income and opportunities for advancement and education that would be impossible for people who would otherwise be living in poverty and starvation. Diamond mining companies provide benefits for the entire community and are committed to neutralizing the environmental impacts of the mines. In fact, many countries and communities would be permanently devastated if the Natural Diamond industry were to not exist. The Diamond industry in this country is committed to protecting the mine communities and land by only sourcing Diamonds who adhere to the strict Kimberley process for traceability and ethics. All Natural Earth formed Diamonds from Colonial Jewelers are guaranteed to follow the Kimberley process and are ethically sourced.

There is some misperception that Lab grown Diamonds are better for the environment, but sadly, the amount of chemicals and electricity needed to produce them makes that incorrect. Also- most are produced in nations such as China, where there are not regulations on environmental impact or labor laws. Because of the efforts to protect and rejuvenate the environment and area around Diamond mines- they are actually a better environmental choice if that is important in your decision.

Because they can be mass produced, and therefore are less rare, Lab grown Diamonds are significantly cheaper than a comparable Natural Diamond. In fact, pricing on Lab Grown Diamonds has been dropping rapidly in the past few years since they are being produced faster and cheaper all the time. Because the price is expected to continue to decline as more and more are made, they are not considered an investment for the future or heirloom item like Natural Diamonds are. Due to the expectation that Lab Grown Diamonds will continue to drop in value- we aren’t able to offer the Lifetime Trade In Value that Natural Diamonds have at Colonial Jewelers. (All Natural Diamonds purchased from Colonial Jewelers are able to be traded in at any point in the future for the full value that you originally spend.) See more information on our Diamond trade in program here.

When you are looking for a Diamond (Natural or Lab Grown) you can trust the Gemologists and Sales Professionals at Colonial Jewelers to guide you through each and every step of the Diamond buying process. While, based on our experience and knowledge, we would recommend a Natural Diamond for its rarity and beauty, we are also knowledgeable Gemologists and are able to provide the most beautiful and trusted Lab grown Diamonds if that is the right choice for you. All Diamond Engagement rings, whether Natural or Lab grown, come with our Complimentary Lifetime Engagement Ring Warranty. More information about our Lifetime Warranty can be found here.

Still have more questions about Diamonds? Reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

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