All Things Diamond Fashion

All Things Diamond Fashion

By: Susan Summers

Diamonds are precious gems that take millions of years to make their way to the earth’s surface. Intense heat and pressure form carbon atoms into a gemstone, which is then masterfully cut into a dazzling array of facets that create beautiful brilliance. In honor of the month of diamonds, we will unleash the latest trends that we see in diamond fashion as well as answer the age-old question of setting your diamonds in white gold vs. yellow gold. 

The Basic Four 

Diamond studs, pendant, fashion ring, and tennis bracelet are the foundational pieces to start building your collection. They are incredibly versatile as they can stand alone, or be rotated with any other statement piece going forward. 

Geometric Designs 

Sharp, clean lines draw the eye. These pieces set themselves apart with striking angles, but with diamonds… ooh la la! Modern, edgy, with a touch of classic!

Vintage Inspired
It may not be the primary reason that customers come into our showroom, but our estate collection is certainly one to linger over. It’s true that the personalized details and craftsmanship are one-of-a-kind, so following suit with timeless fashion trends, these hidden gems are making a comeback!

Layering and Stacking Jewelry
Not limited to rings, layering jewelry creates everything from an effortless everyday look to a formal statement.
Mix and match types of chain to create texture and contrast. Two tone jewelry or mixing metals is in! Consider adding a pop of color with a gemstone piece as well to create the perfect look.  

Bold Bracelets
Nothing brings on summer like statement bracelets. I personally love a flexible bangle; their functionality is perfect for fun in the sun! 

White Gold vs. Yellow Gold 

There is no right or wrong metal within which to set your diamonds. The OG was yellow gold, and it’s certainly a rich, beautiful hue that brings warmth and a luxurious feel to diamond jewelry. White gold can positively enhance the appearance of a diamond’s color. Choose rose gold for a softer, romantic appeal.