LOVE Month 2024
Join us on Thursday, February 8th from 4-6pm!

LOVE Month 2024

By: Susan Summers

If you’re like most people, February brings visions of hearts and Valentine’s cards, and of course, chocolate! Looking for a more unique way to celebrate the month of LOVE? Look no further than our Bubbly and Chocolates Tasting with Linganore Winecellars and ChocoSambra! We cordially invite you to our showroom on February 8th from 4-6pm for a delightful evening of tastings and shopping for everyone you LOVE. Whether you're shopping for yourself, or someone special, we are eager to help! With a purchase of $250 or more, you'll receive a complimentary bottle from Lingarnore Winecellars and a chocolate bar from ChocoSambra!! 

Colonial Jewelers exhibits a passion and commitment to creating quality jewelry with LOVE using the finest diamonds and gemstones. We have something for everyone, and we invite you into our showroom to see for yourself! To give you a little taste of the gifts awaiting you, we've compiled a Valentine's themed gift guide to get you started:

Chocolate Diamond Jewelry: This one may seem a bit “on the nose,” but what could be better than combining the sentiments of chocolate lovers and diamond lovers? These are diamonds that are considered “natural fancy color,” and are sought after for their rich hues of cognac and champagne. We love them for their earthy tones and their brilliance! 

Ruby Jewelry: The color of passion and love, rubies make an excellent choice for romantic gifts. In the 18th century, rubies were believed to appear to glow, which represented the burning fire of love. 

Love Knots Stud Earrings: A symbol of the bond between two lovers, two ribbons are intertwined in an unbreakable knot. 

Sparrow: A lesser-known symbol of love: Because these birds stay with the same mate for life, they are revered as a symbol of true companionship. 

Infinity Bracelet: There is no better symbol to represent eternal love. 

Anchor Necklace: The anchor provides stability for the ship once it’s firmly planted on the bottom of the ocean floor, and therefore, it is often depicted as a symbol of fidelity. 

Rose Pendant: Since ancient times, the rose has been a long standing symbol of love and devotion. Its earliest association was with the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. 

Diamond Link Bracelet - We love this effortless bracelet for its simple message of two becoming one as a gold link connects two diamond links. Perfect for everyday wear! 

XOXO bracelet - This charm style bracelet features hugs and kisses across the paperclip chain. A lovely sentiment that can be added to in the future with additional charms! 

Key Pendant - Only the holder of the key has access to their significant other's heart, which makes a great sentiment to exchange a key charm or necklace.