From the Gemologist: How Colonial Jewelers Selects Diamonds

From The Gemologist: How Colonial Jewelers Selects Diamonds

By: Susan Summers

Shopping for a diamond is a significant moment in one’s life. Whether it’s for the diamond ring that you’ll propose to the love of your life, a recommitment after many decades of marriage, or even to mark a promotion, we want you to be the most informed on how, when, and where to make this special purchase. 

Jeff Hurwitz is the third generation of the Hurwitz family to select diamonds for Colonial Jewelers. As a GIA graduate gemologist, he has sorted through many diamonds over the years, and I’m delighted to share his expertise and advice! 

So what exactly does it mean when a diamond is selected by a GIA graduate gemologist? 

I am able to select diamonds one at a time whereas chain stores receive diamonds in large parcels that contain inferior diamonds. Being selective in our purchasing process enables Colonial Jewelers to offer only well-cut, accurately-graded, stunning diamonds! 

What is the most impactful tip you learned from your father, Will Hurwitz, regarding diamond selection? 

Above all, look at the diamond, not its specifications. This way you’ll select a diamond that “speaks” to you with its brilliance and sparkle! 

What is something you would advise customers to consider when shopping for their diamond?

Get the highest quality diamond in the size that you are pleased with. 

Could you provide insight into why diamonds come and go so quickly within the store, and why it's important to be prepared to purchase if you find the diamond you love?

We maintain a core selection of sizes, shapes, and prices of the most desired diamonds in our showroom. No two diamonds are alike, and with the demand of these well-cut, beautiful diamonds, it is likely that the one you love will sell quickly. For this reason, it is recommended to be prepared to purchase a diamond if you find the one that speaks to you! 

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with our customers? 

Natural diamonds, made in the earth billions of years ago, will always have value. They are an eternal and symbolic way to show one’s love. 

Simply put, Colonial Jewelers is committed to providing Frederick with the area’s best selection and best quality of diamonds and diamond jewelry. We want our customers to feel educated and confident about their diamond purchase. Let’s create a special piece together; book an appointment, or stop by our showroom to begin your journey!