Introducing the Em(brace)let

Introducing The Em(brace)let

While we find ourselves in uncertain times ultimately we want to do anything we can to help our community. We've been a part of the Downtown Frederick community for more than 70 years and while businesses, including us, are required to shut down and stay home we thought there has to be something we can do. Thats when we introduced the Em(brace)let made of Howlite which inspires patience, reduces stress and anxiety and encourages calmness. We reached out to three local charities who are on the frontlines to offer 100% of the profits. For the entire month of May we are offering this Howlite bracelet for just $40 and you, our customers, can choose which of the three charities they would like their donation to go to, Frederick Health, Mental Health Association and Blessings in a Backpack. 

** Together we raised $6500 to donate to our local frontline workers. Stay tuned for what is to come in June!