Top Fall 2012 Jewelry Trends:

It’s almost September and you know what that means- Autumn!  Why is this so exciting?  With the changing seasons also comes the change in fashion trends!  While you’re breaking out those sweaters and scarves don’t forget about accessorizing.  Investing in a few of these fun new pieces of jewelry will help update any fall wardrobe.  Below are the top three jewelry fashion trends for this upcoming season!

1.  Creamy Colored Jewelry:

Pearls are perhaps one of the most classic types of jewelry.  This fall, pearls are featured as one of the most popular jewelry trends.  White and creamy colored pearls are a neutral so they pair well with almost any outfit.  Wearing  a pearl strand or pearl earrings this fall will add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Rose gold jewelry is making a huge comeback!  The warm tone that rose gold exhibits is perfect for the fall season.  Featured in an array of pieces from watches to rings, you can decide how much rose gold is right for you.  Below are a couple of beautiful examples of rose gold jewelry we currently have at Colonial Jewelers:

Shell and coral jewelry is another front runner for the “flesh toned” trend this fall.  Mother of pearl is one of my personal favorite materials used in jewelry because of its beautiful iridescent qualities.  Mother of pearl jewelry can be obtained at any price point, whether it is featured as a necklace, ring, or as the dial of a Rolex.

2. Nature Inspired Jewelry:

Pieces with a feathery or leafy shape to them have gained great popularity throughout the summer of 2012 and are predicted to remain a “must have” well throughout the fall as well.  Necklace pendants and earrings are my two favorite ways to show off this trend.

Animal print jewelry is also a fun and unique look that you will begin to see even more of this fall- and not just leopard print!  Check out these python and giraffe inspired beads that were just released a few months ago:

If this look is a little too wild for you, sporting a watch with a nice alligator skin embossed leather band is a classic but ever popular look.

Floral accent jewelry is last, but certainly not least, in the nature inspired jewelry category.  Engagement rings with tulip heads, rings with floral filigree and necklace pendants are just a few of the pieces we currently have that follow the floral trend.

3.  Vintage Inspired Jewelry:

Cameos are rising in popularity this fall, and they aren’t just used on brooches anymore.  Necklace pendants, earrings and even bracelets featuring cameos have already started hitting the runway this year.  While cameos featuring face profiles are traditionally most popular, landscape cameos offer a really unique look.

Tying into the floral filigree trend, engraving and milgraining are featured in many new pieces of jewelry this fall.  Ornate details give a look to jewelry, especially rings, that is reminiscent of the early 1900’s.

With plenty of trends to choose from this fall season it should be easy to find a few new pieces that match your personal style.  Visit us here at Colonial Jewelers and our expert staff will help set you on trend!

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