Hey there! My name is Sarena and I recently joined the Colonial team after graduating from college with a degree in Biology and Studio Art. I love the timeless nature of jewelry and helping customers find the perfect thing to brighten their day, no matter how big or small. My greatest passion is in meeting new people and listening to their incredible stories;   it adds an inexpressible sense of joy and fulfillment to my everyday life and work. While all jewelry catches my eye in its own unique way, I have a special place in my heart for heirloom and estate pieces that are passed from generation to generation. Each piece of jewelry, whether new or old, has the potential to tell a story and hold cherished memories for years to come. I hope you will choose to visit us at Colonial Jewelers and that I will have the opportunity to help you create enduring memories of excitement, happiness, passion, and above all, help you to express your unwavering commitment to those you love.