Hello, I’m Rebecca. Even though I’m new to Colonial Jewelers, I’m not new to the jewelry industry. Jewelry had been my life for 17 years. I love it! Everything about it. I’ve always been fascinated with jewelry. Even as a child. I remember watching the Wizard of Oz and dreaming about owning a pair of ruby slippers. Now, I get to see rubies everyday!

Just like everyone is different, each piece of jewelry has it’s own uniqueness. It can be the unusual faceting in a gemstone to bring out it’s rare beauty. Or, incredible detail in the workmanship of the metal coming together to create a true work of art. I’m truly fascinated by how raw metals and gemstones become the stunning, sparkling, treasured heirloom you can enjoy for generations.

Having been in the jewelry industry for so long, I know that jewelry is more than metals and gemstones to you, our guest. It’s what it represents. It’s the promise of forever. The joy of new life. A symbol of triumph. The significance of many special moments. A special representation of a lifetime of memories.