Mary Ann

Hi! I am Mary Ann. I have been a jewelry sales associate in the Frederick area since 1984, with the past 20 years as a Colonial Jewelers team member.

What I love most about jewelry sales is the customer. As I walk up to a customer, my gut feeling is to welcome him/her as I would welcome a guest into my home. The reward I have always valued the most is the friendships I have found with my customers and the assistance I have been able to provide in making their desires and dreams come true. Colonial Jewelers has always been a good place for me to make a customer’s dream come true with quality jewelry selections and a wide variety of price options.

I have always found myself a student of learning. I have received two AA degrees and spent many years in a classroom and learning situation. I have also completed the GIA Diamond course.

My favorite gem is a Diamond with a Pearl close in second place. A ring is my favorite piece of jewelry. Music is my source of stress management and pleasure. As I hold a Diamond ring in my hand, taking its beauty in through my eyes, I have the same inner joy that I feel when a song reaches my ears and a beat makes my feet move.

As the years go by, the music still goes from my ears to my soul, making my feet and hands move, and the love of diamonds and pearls continue to grow. Most rewarding of all is still my customers! Whether it has been years together or a brand new friendship, “you warm my heart and are the biggest reward I have to keep going”.