Emerald (May Birthstone)

Emerald Gemstone

According to ancient belief, wearing an Emerald could protect you from illness and let you see into the future. Regardless of these legendary attributes, few would deny the pleasure and delight of owning May’s mesmerizing green birthstone.

Since approximately 2000 BC, Emeralds have been prized by connoisseurs and sought after by the rich and powerful. They were mined near the Red Sea during the time of Cleopatra, who wore her Emeralds lavishly.

When buying an Emerald, the most important factor is color; the more vivid the green, the more valuable the stone. Don’t be put off by a few inclusions in your stone, experts advise. It is rare to find an Emerald without these natural birthmarks, and they do not detract from the stone’s beauty or value as they might with another type of stone. However, these inclusions do affect an Emerald’s care.

Whether the Emerald actually has the power to heal maladies or improve vision as some ancient peoples believed, few can resist its universal beauty. Regarded as on of the rarest and most precious gemstones in the world, a verdant green Emerald set into a ring or pendant can bring years of pleasure to the lucky owner.