Six Ways To Reset Your Diamonds For A New Look


Have you come to the point in your life when it is time to reset your diamonds?  Maybe you have reached a big anniversary, you are inheriting your great grandmothers jewelry, or it is just time for a change.  We have compiled a list of six ideas to give your beloved diamonds new life.

 Stick With The Classics

This option is most popular for people who have a beloved heirloom ring.  Many times, these rings have been handed down for generations, and have been worn to a mere shadow of their original elegance.  Although it might be tempting to try and touch up the original ring, a more cost effective option is to recreate the ring and use the original diamond.  Not only will this reinstate the beauty of the ring, but it will also add longevity to the jewelry!

Stack It Up

Do you have several pieces of jewelry that do not match or are difficult to wear together?  You can take the diamonds out of several rings, and add them into one ring!  Two diamond rings signify many things, including a symbol of best friends and a spouse!  Maybe you have had a collection of diamond bands adding up over the years and it is time to redesign them into something new!

Get Creative

Not all of your diamond rings must stay diamonds forever!  Are you more of a pendant girl?  With our custom CAD designs, we can sketch up any piece of jewelry that you can imagine!  This is a great choice for using all the little diamonds from a wedding band.

Completely Customize

If you have loose gemstones that you want to use, why not sit down with one of our jewelry designing experts and create a free flowing ring that utilizes all of your gemstones?  Our CAD design process will provide you with sketches that can be tweaked until you find just the right spot for all of those gems.

Go With Something New

Is it time to just refresh and restart?  Take your diamonds and put them into a new mounting!  Over the years, a collection of bands can become cumbersome and it is always fun to get some new bling.  We have so many mountings that are just waiting for your diamonds.  The customer who redesigned these rings said that the new ones immediately felt familiar to her, because they were the same diamonds she had been looking at for the last 34 years!

(Three bands on the top were deconstructed and the diamonds placed in the two bands on the bottom)

Upgrade Your Favorites

We all have that one piece of jewelry that is full of memories.  However, these memories are not always attached to a durable piece of jewelry.  If you have a ring that you love, and want to save it forever, why not create another piece that can be worn everyday without the fear of wear and tear?

(Left is the favorite ring, and right is the one we created for everyday wear!)

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