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The Royal Hope Diamond

  As our Fancy Natural Color Diamond Event swiftly approaches,​ we thought it would be appropriate to tell the tale of one of the world’s most unique ... More

Need a Little Color On the Subject? Let’s Talk Diamonds.

And by color, I don’t mean the colorful rainbow-like brilliancy that enhances the sparkle of a diamond as light streams through its facets.  Nor am ... More

Think Pearls for the Holidays!

Whether you want to believe it or not, ​the holidays are right around the corner! Luckily, we've got you covered in the jewelry department.   Here’s a question: ... More

A Soft Radiant or an Edgy Princess

When imagining a loose diamond, you may immediately visualize a Princess cut diamond with its clean, angular shape.  For just under two decades, the Princess ... More

The season of Pink!

As the month of PINK dwindles away we are happy to share with you some photos from our Pink Ribbon 5k and 15th Annual Pink ... More

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