Contemporary Metals and Materials

Colonial Jewelers offers a variety of alternative/contemporary metals for wedding bands and jewelry. Alternative metals are a great alternative to traditional noble metals such as gold or platinum because of their contemporary look and unique properties. One such property is high scratch, bend and break residency, which makes alternative metals the perfect choice for someone who works with their hands or leads an athletic lifestyle. Furthermore, most alternative metals are hypoallergenic and non-tarnishing; this makes them suitable for everyday wear. Alternative metals are also very customizable; a variety of finishes, inlays (such as exotic woods and mokume) and engravings can be added to make the jewelry as unique as you are.

Popular Alternative/Contemporary Metals and Materials:


Titanium is an abundant, lightweight, yet durable white metal. Traditionally, titanium has a history of industrial uses such as in the aerospace industry and in medical devices and implants. Titanium is very hypoallergenic and break resistant which makes it suitable for daily wear. A variety of inlays can be added to titanium wedding bands that complete its contemporary look and create a breathtaking piece that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Serenium is very hard; it registers between 8 and 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is roughly 10 times harder then 18k gold and four times harder then titanium. Part of the attraction of serenium is its high polish and incredible resistance to scratches. Serenium has a very unique look and is very popular for wedding bands.


Cobalt is a great choice for those looking for a more traditional precious metal look, but who want the scratch resistance that alternative metals offer. Its whiteness is comparable to Platinum, but it is 4 times harder. Cobalt is also shatter and crack proof, and its white color will never fade or dull. Adding a distinctive finish, engraving or design will help make the piece exceptionally special to the wearer.


Zirconium is very much like titanium; and its hardness ranks a 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Zirconium is a naturally grayish-white metal, and can be processed to blacken the oxide layer which gives it a rich black color. Zirconium is very versatile, which allows for great customization.

Black Ceramic

This lightweight, alternative material makes a perfect wedding band for an electrician because it does not conduct electricity. It is completely black all the way through and is more scratch-resistant then tungsten. A military specific finish (which does not reflect light) can be added to Black Ceramic rings, making this the only type that can be worn by active duty military.