Diamond (April Birthstone)

Diamond Gemstone

April is the luckiest month of all, since Diamonds are the birthstone. More and more women are dressing in these brilliant, dazzling gemstones as effortlessly as they throw on their favorite sweater.

Most Diamonds are more than 100 million years old, and many are over three billion years old, making Diamonds the oldest of all gemstones. They are also the hardest substance known to man, made of carbon that is crystallized deep within the earth.

First discovered over 3,000 years ago in India, Diamonds are found today in remote parts of the world, such as Australia, Russia. Botswana and South Africa. Their unique hardness and high refractive index have inspired legends. To the Greeks, they were teardrops from the gods. To the Romans, they came from the falling stars that tipped the arrow of Eros, the god of Love. For Hindus, Diamonds were the lightning that armed the hand of the god Indra.

When purchasing Diamonds, customers are adhering to the 4 C’s- cut, color, clarity and carat weight- but increasingly, they seek finer stones. Customers should understand that it is the cutting that releases the true brilliance of a stone.

With something so precious, remember to rely on a well-established jeweler, with a wide selection of merchandise, who is qualified to determine a Diamond’s value and quality. Little wonder the Greeks named Diamonds “adamas.” It means unconquerable.