Colonial Jewelers Custom Jewelry

Have you ever had this vision in your mind of a piece of jewelry that you want, but have never quite been able to find it in the store?

Do you want to pop the question with a ring that you designed yourself?

Do you have worn out jewelry with sentimental value that drastically needs a refresher?

Our highly trained staff will be able to help you capture your idea, sketch out a rough outline, then create a CAD (Computer Aided Design) so you can see a digital representation of your jewelry.  At this point in the design process, you can tweak the original piece as needed and then it is off to the jeweler!  The end result is a 100% custom piece that you designed yourself.  Take a look through the gallery of custom pieces that some of our customers have created for engagement, personal enjoyment and the refreshment of family gemstones!

For inspiration and ideas, see our gallery of custom jewelry! Enjoy the 360° fully interactive videos that allow you to get a feel for every angle of these beautiful custom pieces by heading over to our blog

Each piece of jewelry we offer, or create, is heirloom quality.  Custom remounting of your diamonds and precious gemstones is a great way to take worn out jewelry, make it into something fresh, and create a family heirloom.  You can take your piece, cherish it, wear it and show it off.  When you are ready to pass it on, you will be gifting Colonial Jewelers quality family jewels to be loved and worn for generations to come.

Many engagement rings that come through Colonial Jewelers have been custom designed and the diamonds hand-picked.  An engagement should be the most special moment of your life, so creating the perfect engagement ring to help you say “will you marry me?” is the goal of our sales staff!

Are you feeling inspired yet? Whether you have heirloom jewelry that needs a makeover, or want to create the custom engagement ring for the love of your life, we can help! Set up an appointment today to work with one of our highly trained staff to make the jewelry of your dreams become a reality.

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