Celebrity Engagement Rings

It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be gearing up for wedding season, including us at Colonial Jewelers with last month’s 24 Karat Cake Dig and Wedding Week.  In honor of the time honored celebration of marriage let’s take a look back at our favorite celebrities and how it all started…with the engagement ring!

This lady certainly isn’t single anymore and rapper Jay-Z definitely put a ring on it.  Did you know singer, actress and new mom Beyonce wears an 18 carat (ct) diamond engagement ring?   It’s an 18 ct. Flawless Emerald cut diamond set into Platinum said to be worth over $5 million.  It’s a great look at how something as simple as a solitaire can be so stunning.

“Eco-Friendly” is the theme for this leading actress’s ring.  Natalie Portman received her 4 ct. engagement ring from choreographer Benjamin Millepied after filming Black Swan.  Benjamin designed the ring with Natalie in mind;  the 4 ct . center diamond is an estate diamond, surrounded by conflict-free pave diamonds, then mounted in recycled Platinum.  With a price tag of $35,000, this ring gives a whole new meaning to reduce, reuse, recycle.

Next, onto a Country singer who lights up the stage with her blonde tresses and a stunning ring to match.  Carrie Underwood is not afraid of showing off her engagement ring which showcases a 5 ct. Yellow diamond.  Her 5 ct. Yellow diamond also includes a diamond halo and diamond band, bringing the total to 12 cts. of diamond!  Husband Mike Fisher reportedly spent $150,000 custom designing this golden creation.

Lastly, one of the most well known Divas in Pop music is right behind Beyonce in size.  Mariah Carey may only wear 17 cts. of diamond, but she wears one of the rarest colors…PINK!  Mariah’s ring consists of a 10 ct. Emerald cut Pink diamond with 2 Half Moon Pink side stones, which is then bordered with 58 Intense Pink diamonds.  It’s said that Mariah’s ring set back Nick Cannon $2.5 million!

Now all we need is a good glimpse of Jessica Biel’s ring from new fiancé Justin Timberlake.  She reportedly got engaged December 2011, and rarely shows off her ring.  Rumors are swirling that it’s a custom ring designed by Justin…we’re all waiting in excitement for some juicy info.  But until next time and my next celebrity blog…stay tuned at Colonial Jewelers.

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