Wow! There sure is a lot of information out there about jewelry. Diamonds and how they are graded, different types of colored stones, all the different metals… it can get confusing!

At Colonial Jewelers we believe in the power of education. All our team members (even those in accounting!) are fully trained in all aspects of jewelry education. We learn about how different gems are graded, where they originate and how they have been valued historically. We learn about the King of all gems… the Diamond… and what makes one far more rare than the next. We also learn about how we know that the ones we sell are conflict free and ethically mined. And the list continues….

In the following pages you will find information provided by the American Gem Society… a worldwide not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to ethical business practices, development of superior gemological knowledge and protecting the consumer. Colonial Jewelers is proud to be a member store of the American Gem Society as well as to employ two Gemologists, certified by the organization.